May 26, 2021

Actor Courtney Nichole Chats All Things "Assisted Living"| Now on BET Season 2

Our guest today is the amazing Courtney Nichole. who is currently staring in the Tyler Perry hit, "Assisted Living" Season 2 streaming now on BET! We discuss the show, making pot pies, her career as an educator, following your passions and so much more! Enjoy.

Courtney achieved her dreams of being an actress after working as a teacher and now stars in Tyler Perry’s comedy series, Assisted Living. The series premiers for a second season on   

May 25, on BET. Courtney portrays the role of Leah who is the supportive wife of Jeremy (Na’im Lynn), the patriarch of a young family who decides to move to the backwoods of Georgia to help his crazy grandfather after he foolishly purchased a run-down home for the elderly.

Outside of acting Courtney has always had a deep love for kids and education, which lead her to earn her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a minor in English language arts. Courtney would always encourage her students to live their dreams and in her late twenties, after some serious soul searching, she decided that she was ready to live her own.  In her spare time, she is devoted to charitable functions in support of causes that are close to her heart, including social justice and body positivity.