April 10, 2020

Actor DB Sweeney | The Changing Seasons of Hollywood

Today's guest is a Hollywood icon, DB Sweeney. From working with Francis Ford Coppola at a very young age. to being one of the go to A- List actors, he has remained ever successful and relevant for over three decades.

In this interview we discuss his new short, "Two Dumm Micks" now streaming on YouTube and Facebook, his creative process, how he chooses his roles, and what it takes to keep honing your craft and "owning" the room, roles he wished he had gotten, and how he has learned from all his successes and failures. 

He gets candid about some of his most "famous" roles, his approach to making acting choices, and roles he was passed over for. 

DB has over 130 credits to his name, from "The Cutting Edge", "Memphis Belle", "Eight Men Out" and countless others. His new short can be viewed here!



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