April 15, 2023

True Detective Season 4 Trailer is Now Here!

True Detective Season 4 Trailer is Now Here!

True Detective is a long way from Louisiana now. The hit HBO series is headed to Alaska for its long-awaited fourth season, officially titled True Detective: Night Country, which stars Jodie Foster and Kali Reis as a pair of detectives tasked with solving a mysterious disappearance during the long winter night. 

The crime drama anthology has had a long journey to Season 4. True Detective premiered in 2014 and has had some ups and downs over the course of its run, with seasons both influential (Season 1) and ignominious (Season 2). The most recent season aired in 2019 and starred Mahershala Ali. After that season, creator Nic Pizzolatto's contract with HBO ended, leaving the future of True Detective uncertain. But in March 2022, HBO announced that a new take on True Detective was in the works from executive producer Barry Jenkins and writer-director Issa López. Now, its release is closer than ever, with a new trailer confirming that the series will return this year.

Here's everything we know so far about True Detective: Night Country

True Detective Season 4 trailer

On April 12, HBO released the first official teaser trailer for True Detective: Night Country. It previews a tense working relationship between the season's lead detectives, Foster's Liz Danvers and Reis' Evangeline Navarro, who team up on their investigation. "No one can stand you," Navarro tells Danvers. Sounds fun! 

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