Nov. 8, 2019

Entrepreneur Steve Sims | Create a Life by Design

Steve Sims has often been referred to as the modern day Wizard of Oz.

Steve's day job is to make the impossible possible. With his help and expertise, his clients’ fantasies and wildest dreams come true. Getting married by the Pope in the Vatican, being serenaded by Elton John, and connecting with powerful business moguls like Elon Musk are just a few of the many projects he has worked on.

I wanted to know what makes him tick, and why his success has been so sustainable for so long, and how he continues to make so many things happen for so many people.

In this episode we talk about the following.

1.  What makes a good entrepreneur?

2. Why is he considered the modern day Wizard of Oz?

3. The Art of Overcoming Impostor Syndrome.

4. Shiny Object Syndrome.

5. Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make.

6. Best Practices for Finding a Mentor.

You can learn more about Steve Below!