March 3, 2020

Influencer Rachel Pedersen | The Queen of Social Media

In 2016 Rachel chose to become the boss of her own life; her time, her  paycheck, her dreams, her own growth.

For her it was a major risk - as a college dropout with NO degree, NO savings account, and NO safety net from family or circumstances,she had to make a decision. No matter what, she was going to crack the code and become a successful social media manager.

She was nervous, but quickly found support from he incredible husband (her soulmate, her best friend, her rock - and now her COO and partner in business). We united on the journey of building our businesses.

As the proud momma of 3 beautiful children, the wife to her dream man, and the CEO/founder of 2 multi-million dollar companies - she built her dreams - on her own terms.

In this episode we talk about what it takes to battle the many social media platforms, owning your name, brand and how to really make it all work. She gets candid about failures, and how those only motivated her more, and we discussed much more.

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