April 20, 2020

Isabella Barrett Toddler & Tiaras Star Turns Entrepreneur |"The Next Big Thing"

Former Reality Star turned entrepreneur Isabella Barrett joins the show today, we cover everything from building a multi-billion dollar business at a very young age, working with her parents, making the jump from TV to business, her top five keys to success and much more. She also talks about her new reality show, "Next Big Thing" her Amazon Direct Reality TV show.

Today's guest is  former Reality Star turned  entrepreneur, and actress Isabella Barrett, many will remember Isabella on the reality series, Toddlers & Tiaras. 

Now a teenager, Isabella manages her own fashion empire House of Barretti, is writing an upcoming teen business guide book, and she will be on a new reality show, “Next Big Thing” on Amazon Direct in May. 

Recently, she appeared on a Walmart campaign.  She is a supporter of the anti bully movement and stared in the short film, Eight, regarding the issue. She is lining up additional acting roles to show she’s more than just an entrepreneur and pageant winner.

In this episode, Isabella shares her top 5 business secrets, keys to building a multi-million dollar business, staying humble and giving back to the community. 

She also talks about her new reality show , "Next Big Thing" her Amazon Direct Reality TV show. Plus much more. 

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