April 7, 2020

Lisa Lampanelli | The Former "Queen of Mean"

With a career that spanned more than 30 years, Lisa Lampanelli was a constant on the comedy scene. With numerous tours, Grammy nominations, and national TV guest appearances and specials under her belt, Lisa made headlines in 2012 when she lost more than 100 pounds with the help of bariatric surgery. The comedian went on to speak with unflinching honesty about her lifelong food and body-image issues, and has since gone from insulter to inspirer. 

She announced her retirement from stand-up comedy on the Howard Stern radio program in late 2018 and is now dedicating her life to running transformational food and body-image workshops, performing in issue-oriented storytelling shows, and completing a rigorous life-coaching certification program.

In this episode Brett and Lisa go deep from the state of current affairs, walking away from the world of comedy, her life as journalist, the importance of family and much more!

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