Nov. 5, 2019

Reality TV Star Tonya Banks | Small Talk Takes You Nowhere

Tonya Banks, aka "Lil Boss" is the star and and co-creator of the hit TV show, Little Women LA.

Tonya has worked as an actress in TV and Film for over 30 years and is letting viewers get a glimpse into her world as a little person on Lifetime's, Little Women: LA.

This docu-series chronicles the adventures of a unique group of smart and hilarious girlfriends with big hearts, big personalities and even bigger drama ... who all happen to be little people.

She has also appeared in several films, including Bad Santa and Death to Smoochy and has made world history as the first little person, female lead in The Internship Games. She has also appeared on several TV shows including Ricky Smiley, Martin, and The Hughleys.