Feb. 20, 2023

The Future is BRIGHT with Dr. Hannah Fry and Her NEW Series On Bloomberg TV Airing February 22nd!

The Future is BRIGHT with Dr. Hannah Fry and Her NEW Series On Bloomberg TV Airing February 22nd!

Bloomberg Media’s new series The Future with Hannah Fry will explore the science, technology and people on the cusp of the most transformative breakthroughs of our age. The Future with Hannah Fry will bring subjects into sharper focus through interviews and explainers as well as field visits with scientific seers and technology leaders in facilities around the world. Fry will explore breakthroughs across themes such artificial intelligence, crypto, climate, chemistry and ethics.

As a multi-hyphenate Brit whose talent and areas of expertise run deep, Hannah is known for applying math principles to everyday life in ways that are relatable and relevant. Admired in the UK for her hosting abilities on TV, docs, radio, and podcasts and her longtime work with the BBC, we are confident that she is someone to watch in 2023. She also hosts the BBC Radio Four show and podcast presented with geneticist Adam Rutherford, The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry, and DeepMind: The Podcast, an excellent in-depth look into the world of AI. Hannah is an expert in many subjects, including the science and mathematics behind dating (perfect for any Valentine’s Day segments!), health - as a survivor of cervical cancer, parenting, science, and more. 

Catch the video version here!


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