Who is ready for Dexter: New Blood? We are and on the Brett Allan Show, he chat's with actor David Magidoff who can soon be seen in the new, Showtime limited run of the upcoming show. Lets be clear, its not a season 9, reboot or retelling. I am not even sure its a continuation. We don't have any spoilers, but we get enough to get super excited about what is to come. Brett tries to guess theories, David plays along, and Brett gets shot down. We also talk about his unusual path to acting, his improv background, the work it takes to make great content, the importance of support from family and much more.

David Magidoff can be seen in the highly anticipated Dexter revival as Teddy Reed, and Nicky Brooks on The Morning Show on AppleTV+. Comedian and host of MTV's Broke Ass Game Show, David is a host for HQ Trivia, the live game show sensation. He performs improv all around the world including UCB, Impro Theatre & the Edinburgh Fringe Fest. David also is the host of the Fanaddicts Podcast, where celebrities share their favorite obsessions, produced by Roddenberry Entertainment.

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