"Brett Allan’s professionalism and unwavering dedication to journalism does not go unnoticed. Our clients really enjoy being a part of The Open Mic Podcast and Brett’s thoughtful questions. - Anna Bustamante Persona PR"

"Brett is an absolute dream to work with. We have have had amazing feedback and he always provides an incredible experience for my clients that leaves them walking away wanting to record another episode." 
-Kelly Teemer Author Marketing Manager, Scribe Media
"The Brett Allan Show" is a fun show! Brett really knows how to connect with his guests on a familiar level. My clients always feel comfortable speaking with him because it is not a "gotcha" type of show. The questions are in depth and current. The host really does his research on each guest he has on the show. "
- Claudia Greene Senior Publicist, Mayhem Entertainment PR
"Brett Allan is such a joy to work with. Brett is charming, professional, and his podcast, Open Mic w/ Brett Allan is a stand out among other podcasts in its genre. He's guests and listeners are sure to have a great time!" - Jen Lee & Kasey Kitchen, Marque PR
"The Open Mic Podcast with Brett Allan is a fun and insightful show, which keeps the listeners wanting more. With great energy and knowledge, Brett indulges in a wide range of topics making each show unique."-Lori DeWall, DeWall and Associates PR Firm  
"Brett is a pleasure to work with. My clients all have great times as guests on his show, Open Mic with Brett Allan, and find it so easy to speak with him. I look forward to many more opportunities to work together again!"
-Diana Bassett President, DBPR